T & C Dated : 24-April-2019

  1. Our customers are expected to read and agree this Terms & Conditions, Privacy policy and Service related information before availing our services.
  2. Our service is available only within the service area defined here.
  3. Incase of emergency fuel delivery, it is mandatory for the customers to provide a copy of any government ID proof. Also the fuel will be filled into the vehivle fuel tank directly by our technicians and will not be delivered to anyones hand. Incases where the fuel can not be filled to the vehicle by our technicians, then the order will be cancelled. In such cases, the customer has to pay the standard service charges as applicable.
  4. During key unlock requests, ReadyAssist will deploy skilled professional to handle the issue and help the customer let inside the vehicle. Customer needs to bear the Service cost and spare cost. It is mandatory for the customers to share their government ID proof with the ReadyAssist service engineer to start the work. Once the issues is solved then the vehicle ownership will be validated against the ID proof. Incase if the customer ID and the vehicle ownership are different, then by accepting this terms, customer agree to seize the vehicle by ReadyAssist for safety reason.In such cases, the customer has to pay the standard service charges as applicable.
  5. ReadyAssist will strive and ensure to provide services within the stipulated time, however ReadyAssist is not responsible for any delay caused by conditions beyond the control of company like traffic jams, riots, road blocks, route diversions, rain, flood, any natural calamities, Failure of partner service providers, rallies, state bandh etc.
  6. In case of misuse of our services, non-payment of services charges, misbehaving to our technicians/employees - The company reserves all the rights to bar a customer's subscription/profile/service and take necessary legal action against customer.
  7. ReadyAssist is not responsible for any incorrect information provided by our customers while booking a service/package/subscription and the consequences caused thereafter.
  8. ReadyAssist is authorized to add or change any or all the terms and conditions at its own discretion at any time without prior intimation. So we would request our customers to visit our Terms & Conditions and other relevant contents before availing any service.
  9. ReadyAssist is not liable for any claims/refunds whatsoever after 3 days of service completion. No refund/cancellation of service packages are accepted without availing any services as part of the package. ReadyAssist will arrange an alternate technician if the customer is unhappy with the service availed. If the customer decide to go further with a technician of their own preference other than ReadyAssist, then ReadyAssist would consider of refunding the Labour cost charged. However the cost involved in spares replaced can not be refunded. Incase of packages, we will refund 60% of the subscription price charged to the customer while buying the subscription, if the customer decide to cancel any of our subscriptions or packages after availing one service. We will refund 25% of the subscription price charged to the customer while buying the subscription, if the customer decides to cancel our package after availing more than one service. No refund is applicable if the customer cancels our package after availing 3 services or after 90 days of package or subscription. The refund is subject to investigation and prooved to have a quality issue with the service provided. All the approved refunds will be processed within 15 bank working days from the date of approval.
  10. ReadyAssist is not liable for any mishandling and damages caused by the technicians while providing the service.
  11. Customers are requested to ask for the old spares replaced. Bills will be send via email to the registered email ID. Please write to incase if the bills for replaced spares are not provided.
  12. Services elligible to avail under the subscription or Packages are for the respective vehicle registered for the particular package or subscrption and not for the person.
  13. Towing under the subscription or package is applicable only if the vehicle is immobilized and will be towed only to the ReadyAssist Partner workshops. Incase if the customer wants the vehicle to be towed to their preferred location then the towing cost needs to be beard by the customer as per our standard rates.
  14. Customer under subscription or packages will be charged incase of cranes used to recover a vehicle from accident spots.
  15. Incase of 5 consecutive request of same service for a same vehicle under the subscription or package will call for an investigation to research on the situation to recommend the best possible fix for the issue. The customer will be charged for a service, if incase the customer submits the same service request again without fulfilling the recommended fix by ReadyAssist.
  16. ReadyAssist has taken all measures to provide a safe and secure service to our stranded customers. We have ReadyAssist field force on request to support female customers during incidents at night times. However, we would request every customer to be aware and conscious about self security and report to the nearest police station or nearest secure location incase of threat. ReadyAssist is not legally liable for any safety and security concerns.
  17. ReadyAssist services under the subscriptions or packages are not available for immobilization resulting from damages caused by intervention of police or other authorities, Vehicles kept in a non-roadworthy conditions or not serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  18. ReadyAssist services under the subscriptions or packages are not applicable under an event where the driver of the vehicle is found to be in any of the situations listed here – under the influence of alcohol, drugs, toxins or narcotics not medically prescribed, under the age of 18 years, without a valid driving license, participation in a criminal or offence act, exceeding the limit of number of passengers + driver permitted to travel, carrying over weight load than the permitted weight.
  19. ReadyAssist can take in-charge of situations during medical emergency where the customer is fully or partially in unconscious stage. ReadyAssist team will take care of all the expenses made until we discharge the victim to a concerned authority like family member or friend or any other concerned person. The expenses incurred till that point needs to be reimbursed to ReadyAssist by the concerned authority while taking in-charge of the customer. ReadyAssist will relay the message to the concerned authority only incase if the customer has updated his/her emergency contact. There are situation ReadyAssist can fail to provide this service on-time due to conditions those are listed under point-4 or more.
  20. Authorization to contact - By agreeing to this terms & conditions, a customer availing our service through app request or website or through any other medium is authorizing ReadyAssist to use their contact information like Phone number, email ID & address for further communication by SMS or Calls or emails.
  21. ReadyAssist is a brand owned and operated by Sundaravijayam Automobile Services Private Limited with CIN : U63031KA2018PTC119111 & GSTIN : 29ABBCS2203G1ZO and having its registered office address as #1237, Sri Sai Crystal, First floor, 5th Main, Sector 7, HSR, Bangalore - 560102.